Sewage Tank Cleaning

Sewage Tank Cleaning

A sewage tank or septic tank is an underwater tank which is used to treat the wastewater through biological process. The biological process include decomposition and drainage. Sewage tank cleaning in regular interval gives healthy way of treating underground wastewater.

In the areas where there is poor drainage system, sewage tank is widely used as the safe disposal of wastewater. Sewage tank consists of three layers namely scum, wastewater and sludge. Waste that floats above wastewater is known as scum, below scum layer there is wastewater and at bottom of the tank there consist solid waste heavier than water. Since these waste material can cause over flow of sewage tank, sewage tank must be cleaned in regular interval.

Sewage Tank Problems

  • Sewage tank overflow
  • Scum and sludge in tank
  • Harmful chemicals inside tank

Importance of Sewage Tank Maintenance

Sewage or wastewater in the septic tank an also contain harmful bacteria and parasites that can cause severe health problems. Also, scum and sludge in the tank causes overflow of the tank. Therefore, to protect health from contaminants, maintenance of sewage tank is important.